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Ek Lafz-e-Mohabbat Ka

Ek lafz-e-mohabbat ka, adna yeh fasaana hai,
simte toh dil-e-aashiq, phaile to zamaana hai

One word of love, a seemingly simple story,
When compacted it is a lover’s heart, when expanded it is the whole world

Aankhon mein nami si hai, chup chup se woh baithe hein,
Nazuk si nigahon mein, nazuk sa fasaana hai

There is a softness in the eyes, as they sit there in silence,
In those gentle eyes, there is a gentle story of love

Yeh ishq nahi asaan, itna hi samajh lijiye,
Ek aag ka dariya hai, aur doob ke jaana hai

This love is not easy, try a little to understand,
It is a river of fire, and one can only cross to the other side by drowning

Dil sang-e-malaamat ka, harchand nishaana hai
Dil phir bhi mera dil hai, dil hi toh zamaana hai

This heart’s tragedy is the target of the world,
Yet still, it is my heart, the heart of the world

Aansoo toh bahut se hain, ankhon mein “Jigar” lekin,
Bindh jaaye so moti hai, reh jaaye so daana hai

There are plenty of tears in these eyes, Jigar, however,
If kept, they become pearls, if left behind they are just drop

– Ali Sikandar “Jigar” Moradabadi