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Jo Chahte Ho So Kehte Ho

jo chāhte ho so kehte ho, chup rehne kī lazzat kyā jaano? whatever it is you want, you just say. what would you know of the satisfaction of being silent? ye rāz-e-mohabbat hai pyāre, tum rāz-e-mohabbat kyā… Read More »Jo Chahte Ho So Kehte Ho


Anyone who has ever known my grandfather well can attest to the grace of his handwriting. While his aura is more than enough to give one the feeling of being around someone great, and his… Read More »Nanaji

Ek Lafz-e-Mohabbat Ka

Ek lafz-e-mohabbat ka, adna yeh fasaana hai,simte toh dil-e-aashiq, phaile to zamaana haiOne word of love, a seemingly simple story,When compacted it is a lover’s heart, when expanded it is the whole world Aankhon mein… Read More »Ek Lafz-e-Mohabbat Ka

Secret Springs

Fresh spring water flows out from beneath the limestone cliff and in to the Colorado river.

The Veil

Użr āane méin bhí hai aur bulāate bhí nahīn Baís-e-tarq-e-mulāaqāat batāate bhí nahīn You shy in coming to me yet you also never call me to you. Nor do you tell me the reason for ending… Read More »The Veil

Day 1 of 2018

What’s next for you in the new year? This morning I flew home after having attended five days at the Path of Bliss‘ winter meditation retreat in Malibu. A sublime opportunity to re-connect and ground… Read More »Day 1 of 2018

Getting to Work

Last week our CEO put me in touch with some friends of his at another startup, and asked me to consult with them on how to ramp up their customer success and support teams. Great experience!… Read More »Getting to Work