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The Veil

Użr āane méin bhí hai aur bulāate bhí nahīn
Baís-e-tarq-e-mulāaqāat batāate bhí nahīn
You shy in coming to me yet you also never call me to you. Nor do you tell me the reason for ending our metings

Dékhté hí mujhé méhfil māin yēh irshāad huá
Kāun béThá hai isé lōg uThatéy bhí nahīn
Just as I saw you in this gathering, I had this thought.. Who is this person sitting here and why doesn’t someone get them up?

Khoōb pardá hai kí chilaman se lagé baithé hāin
Sāaf chupté bhí nahí sāamané āate bhí nahīn
There’s much curtain with you sitting there behind the screen. You don’t hide yourself completely and yet neither do you truly come before me

Ho chukā qatā tālluq tōh jafāayén kyōn hó
Jinkó matalab nahīn rahatāa hai wōh satāaté bhí nahīn
If this relationship has really come to an end then why should there be such uncertainty? Those that don’t have some ulterior motive don’t even trouble or tease me anymore

Zīst sé tång hó aé Daag tōh jēetéy kyōn hó
Jāan pyāarí bhí nahīn jāan sé jāaté bhí nahīn
If you are so tired of life, oh Daag, then why do you continue to live? You don’t seem to love your life any longer and yet neither do you leave it behind

~Daag Dehlvi (Nawab Mirza Khan)

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